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                  VEKTEK 2000年11月通過了ISO-9001認證,成為ISO-9001:2003年9月2000年,現已為ISO 9001滿足了質量管理體系要求:2008認證,通過美國的全球標準。




                  Vektek is dedicated to providing the best value in flexible and innovative hydraulic and pneumatic  workholding solutions worldwide. Manufacturers utilize our workholding in economic sectors from Automotive and Transportation, Marine Products and Power Generation to Medical, energy, Aerospace and Defense.

                  Vektek is a precision workholding Specialist. Our rugged, dependable hydraulic and pneumatic swing, link, and edge clamps, work supports, cylinders and pallet fixture accessories have earned an industry-leading reputation in medium and high-production industries. Our extensive customer service, concepting and technical support staff is dedicated to helping customers apply Vektek products and services to meet challenges for productive and reliable workholding solutions matched to specific process requirements. 

                  Company History

                  Vektek is a world leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems for the metalworking, tool & die and mold industries. One of a family of privately held manufacturing businesses, Vektek was established in 1974 by two graduate engineers to build hydraulic pump, machine part and cylinder assemblies in Emporia, Kansas.

                  Early success demonstrated Vektek’s proven strengths in hydraulic component engineering and manufacturing which drove a decision in 1982 to introduce an OEM product line to the Emporia facility. By 1986 the VektorFlo? line of swing clamps, work supports and workholding system accessories was receiving enthusiastic market response as a high quality product produced and technically supported well above industry standards. Vektek also established an expanded direct sales and customer service office in St. Joseph, Missouri at that time.

                  Vektek has grown to become one of the top international suppliers of workholding products and services primarily to Automotive, Heavy Equipment and Aerospace, dealing with well over 300 customers per day in virtually all sectors of the economy. Our products are used by medium/high volume and high equipment-availability manufacturing companies demanding well-engineered and reliable automation components and system solutions in their factories, and are backed by the largest factory-direct customer service team in the industry.

                  A specialist philosophy has greatly contributed to Vektek’s steady and consistent growth. This comes from our experience that a focus on power workholding builds a wealth of deep and specific expertise that becomes an important part of the overall value offered by the Company. In an age of rapidly advancing product and process technology, sharing specialized know-how in close cooperation with our customers results in better alignment with their critical initiatives and an improved understanding of their ever-changing needs. We feel this is vital for building long-term mutually successful customer relationships.

                   Vektek achieved ISO-9001 certification in November 2000,  became ISO-9001:2000 in September 2003, and has now met the Quality Management Systems requirements for  ISO 9001:2008 certification through American Global Standards.

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